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Uninstall CC From Mac Computer and/or Reaper

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Uninstall CC From Mac Computer and/or Reaper

Post by Wellso74 »

I must have erased my "regular" reaper - every time I open reaper- it opens the CC version. I've tried delete the applications and download a new reaper dmg. But there must be a CC file somewhere on my computer.....
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Re: Uninstall CC From Mac Computer and/or Reaper

Post by cohler »

As the installation procedure explains at https://cohlerclassical.com/install/ if you want a separate "plain" REAPER then install it in a portable install (i.e. separate directory). Or you could install CC/REAPER in its own portable install directory. There is no "uninstall" of CC for this reason. It is much faster and simpler to simply have a separate install for each customization of REAPER you would like to have.

See https://cohlerclassical.com/working-wit ... iguration/ for more info.
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