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How to re-assign keys assigned to two functions

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How to re-assign keys assigned to two functions

Post by eastwoodrecords »

Is it possible to reassign keys with multiple functions?

e.g. ESC is currently used to exit fade mode or clear a time selection depending on whether you're in fade mode or not.

If I want to customise one of these functions (e.g. exiting fade mode so it deselects all items) how do I assign ESC to the new macro *and* the other one?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: How to re-assign keys assigned to two functions

Post by cohler »

In REAPER, one or more keyboard shortcuts may be assigned to an action. An action can be either one that is in the action list already, or a "custom action" (more commonly known as a "macro") that you create by stringing actions together.

You create a new custom action by clicking on the New action... button in the action list and then selecting New custom action...

Using ReaScript, you can write an action that checks the context, and then does different things depending on the context, but there is no way to do that simply using custom actions.
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