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How to submit a possible bug report

See first topic in this forum for how to submit possible bug reports. All verified bugs will be addressed IMMEDIATELY.
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How to submit a possible bug report

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Please create a new topic in this forum with the following information:
  1. A subject line that describes the possible bug VERY briefly,
  2. A more detailed and precise description of the possible bug in the text,
  3. Your system & software version information, AND
  4. A short video succinctly demonstrating the bug
  5. Screenshots of any error's generated on screen.
LICEcap (from the makers of REAPER) is a great and simple FREE app (Windows or Mac) for quickly making small videos for just this purpose. LICEcap videos are actually stored as animated GIF image files, so you can then load them onto a free image storage site such as https://imgur.com, and link to them in your posts using BB code:

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[img]{https://imgur.com/{image ID}[/img]
NOTE: When inserting the link be sure to use a "BBCode (Forums)" style link, i.e. one that ends in a file type such as ".jpg", ".gif", etc. To do this in imgur, click on the three-dots menu button (not the "Copy Link" button) and then click on "Get share links".

Possible bug reports with insufficient information to verify & reproduce the described problem will eventually be removed. If a possible bug report is actually a REAPER bug, we will mark it as such and strongly encourage you to report the bug on the REAPER Bug Reports forum.
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