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Much like our first-in-the-world no bugs and immediate customer service policies, this forum is the first troll-free forum exclusively for productive discussions of classical music recording, editing, and mastering.

Virtually all the other Internet forums for recording technology are permeated by hundreds, and in some cases thousands(!), of anonymous trolls who clutter those forums with sometimes nasty, often fact-free, occasionally defamatory, sometimes ad-hominem, and often off-topic posts.

That will not happen here. You can rest assured that in this forum you will have a productive, collegial, fact-based, positive environment for asking questions, getting answers, and discussing everything surrounding the topic of classical music (aka multi-microphone, multi-take, acoustical audio) recording, editing, and mastering with colleagues from around the world who are actually doing exactly that!

Here are the basic rules:
  1. These forums are for fact-based discussions of content relevant to Classical Music Recording, Editing, and Mastering.
  2. Administrators and moderators of Cohler Classical Forums will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, however, messages posted here express the views of the authors only, and the owners of Cohler Classical Forums are not responsible for the content of any messages.
  3. By using these forums, you warrant that you will not post anything that is obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws.
  4. Discussing politics is not allowed.
  5. Ad-hominem attacks are not allowed.
  6. Posts containing negative opinions about products or services with which you have no personal direct usage experience is strongly discouraged and will likely be removed.
  7. The owners of Cohler Classical Forums reserve the right to remove, edit, move, or close any thread or post, and ban any user for any reason at their sole discretion.
Formatting. Users can feel free to use ALL of the available formatting capabilities of the forum to make posts interesting, readable, and quickly comprehensible. That includes, of course, the following widely suppressed, avoided, and ridiculed basics such as:
  • capitalization (which does NOT signify yelling, but rather simple emphasis),
  • colors
  • type sizing
  • underlining, italics, and boldface
  • bulleted and numbered lists
  • indentation and spacing
  • code samples
  • images and videos
  • "Smilies"
  • links to other posts or relevant internet-based material
Products and services. If you make, are associated with, or know of a product or service that is relevant to classical music recording, editing, and mastering, feel free to mention it, link to it, and present it, as relevant, in appropriate threads here on the forum. We promise, no gatekeeper trolls will descend upon you, as they do in all the other forums (e.g. cockos, gearspace, or soundonsound), with their characteristic fascistic, supercilious, cliquish, and totally unnecessary pronouncements. :)
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